Fix disappearing WiFi card in VirtualBox or VMware

I'm using Panda and ALFA WiFi cards (Wireless Adapters) in a Linux (Ubuntu) virtual machine on a Windows 10 host a lot. When I started to use them, I had an issue where the cards would just seemingly randomly disappear. In my dmesg logs, I would see messages like this: [read more]

Introducing nzyme: WiFi monitoring, intrusion detection and forensics

Today I am releasing my latest open source hobby project: nzyme. It's a Java-based program that puts wireless network adapters into monitor mode, sniffs management frames from all configured 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz channels and writes them into a Graylog instance for monitoring and analysis. About In my previous post, [read more]

Common WiFi attacks and how to detect them

I'm talking about DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response) for WiFi networks at DerbyCon 2017 and will be releasing nzyme (an open source tool to record and forward 802.11 management frames into Graylog for WiFi security monitoring and incident response) soon. Note that I will simplify some of the [read more]